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PolePosition benchmark

PolePosition benchmark

A well known PolePosition benchmark was run for the following database systems:

Results are available as pdf here

As benchmark results shows none of tested databases is the best in all situations. Generally speaking object databases (JalistoPlus and db4o) are often better in object write, read by oid, delete and processing of deep inheritance structures while Hibernate+HSQLDB is often better in querying. This is not suprising. Internal design of object databases simplifies individual object persistence and allows for quick navigation over related object while relational structure of SQL databases allows for better query optimization.

JalistoPlus and db4o are comparable in speed (except Bahrain circuit). Sometimes JalistoPlus is faster, sometimes db4o is faster. These differences cannot be explained without studiying of database internals which is not the case. The exception is Bahrain circuit in which JalistoPlus is noticeably slower. It is supposed (but not checked out) that in update operation the whole database content is read but only 100 objects are updated. JalistoPlus query eagerly fetch objects while db4o and Hibernate+HSQLDb can do it lazily. Of course, it slows down the whole operation. Some optimization may be made here.

HSQLDB alone would be the fastest database (as the original PolePos benchmark result shows) but adding Hibernate object-relational mapping layer on top of a relational database has a noticeable negative impact on performance.

Note that PolePosition benchmark concentrates rather on embeedded scenario test. It does not check concurrency issues. All test are single threaded. Queries are also rather simple (query for single field).